Five Post Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 34, Oklahoma State 41

The Red Raiders fall to the Cowboys in a close one.

Five Post Game Thoughts

  1. The defense did enough to win this game. Shoot, they had a 93-yard pick-six that tied the game early on.Sure, there was a little help from two missed chip-shot field goals, but that means that the defense denied the end zone. Watching Rudolph run in untouched for the go-ahead TD did sting, however.
  2. Coutee is such a dynamic player, and having him go down really affected Shim’s decision-making. I haven’t seen any reports yet as to how serious his injury is, but I he’s okay and takes as much time as he needs before getting back on the field. Before being forced out of the game, he hauled in 3 catches for 53 yards, including one where he couldn’t have been more wide open after blowing 5 yards past his defender.
  3. The run game was just not there tonight. Tech managed 54 yards in 26 attempts. That won’t get you to sneak up on the no. 15 team in the country any time soon. It seemed like Stockton couldn’t find any gaps when he was asked to run between the tackles. And, speaking of the line, is there a way Tech can work on quickly snapping the ball when a defender is in the neutral zone and/or across the line of scrimmage? That would’ve come in handy at least twice.
  4. Luckily, the blocked punt didn’t immediately turn in to 7 points (thanks, defense).
  5. Kingsbury made some play calls that made me, a guy who watched the game on his couch in sweats, really wonder what he was thinking. That last drive to end the half should have gone much differently with Tech tied going in to the half. Tech attempted two field goals in the red zone, and we’ll always be left thinking “what if” they had attempted zero. Although I did just point out that Tech has very little success running the ball tonight, I still think Nisby or a QB sneak could’ve done the trick. I loved the onside kick, though, even if it hadn’t resulted in a Tech recovery.





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