Five Post Game Thoughts: West Virginia 46, Texas Tech 35

Texas Tech drops their second conference game on the road.

I’m sorry that I’m somewhat bailing on you guys. I’m taking Fitsum camping at 2:45 p.m. so I’m doing this with a WVU lead of 46-35 and I’m assuming that it’s going to stick for the most part (I’ve got to be on the road by then). The 10 Things post probably won’t get posted until later on Sunday. Oh, and if anyone ever questioned my dedication to my kids, I’m about to go camping in 90 degree heat with potential storms on the way later tonight or tomorrow morning. And because it’s Cub Scouts, there’s no alcohol. Think a good thought for me.

  1. What could have been. The offense can be really good, but there was an obvious lull in the second half. A comparison of stats from the 1st to 2nd half is probably going to be pretty noticable. The WVU offense got things in gear and the Texas Tech defense was probably gassed from being out on the field so much.
  2. Texas Tech also left 9 points on the field, missing all 3 field goals today and one hit the uprights, the rest really didn’t seem all that close.
  3. The Texas Tech running game worked great in the first half, but in the second half, there wasn’t much there. Desmond Nisby wasn’t even around for the entire game, he had just a few carries and I initially thought that maybe he didn’t even dress for the game.
  4. As good as Shimonek was in the first half, he started to scramble and move more than he needed to do in the second half. He looked uncomfortable and there was seemingly no reason for him to have to scramble. I would have thought that he’d finish with 400 yards passing, but he didn’t. Shimonek isn’t going anywhere and like I said before the game, I thought that this was a close game (if Texas Tech makes its field goals, it’s a 1 score game) with West Virginia winning in the end. I still think that’s true and a lot like the Oklahoma State loss, I thought that WVU was going to win this game. I’m still good and this team didn’t get run off the field.
  5. That 4th and 1 where WVU got the ball was complete bullshit. The ball was short and the very next play was a touchdown. There were lots of things that changed the momentum, but that was definitely one of them

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