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The Morning Stake | 2017.10.16


  Sorry to everyone who was expecting Ten Things yesterday. I took Fitsum camping for Cub Scouts right after Saturday’s game, essentially leaving at 3:00. I’m in the DFW area and Saturday was a hot an muggy day for October, around 90 and very little wind and lots of mosquitos. So by the time we get done with activities on Saturday, we head to our tent and there’s an impending front that’s supposed to arrive around 4 to 5 in the morning. I can’t sleep because it’s so danged hot and so I watch the clock and the radar.

I don’t know if this was a good or bad decision, but I packed up the tent around 4:30 inside my SUV and get everything cleaned up (this only took about 30 minutes) and we’re inside the car by the time the storms arrives. I had a feeling that after the storm, they were going to call Sunday off (which they did) so I wanted to be ready to get home and I didn’t want to deal with a wet tent and everything else that comes with it. The front did come through around 5:30 and I was so happy to have some cooler weather.

So, I slept on Sunday for a bit and it was also Yoyo’s birthday (he turned 6) so we had a family get-together on Sunday evening. I’m tired and its Monday morning.

Texas Tech Volleyball

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Texas Tech Basketball

  Pretty fun and good stuff here.

Texas Tech Football

  After the game, I said that I thought that Texas Tech would lose, so I’m not completely down on the rest of the season. Losses tend to drive some folks to despair and knee-jerk more than wins. I’m disappointed too, there’s no reason not to be after the game, but I’m also trying to keep this bigger view of the team. Going into Morgantown and winning? Well, this team just isn’t quite there. In terms of other thoughts, I still go back to that 4th and 1 and I thought it was a pretty terrible call, sure it was close, but dang, that was a momentum changer.

Obviously, kicking field goals ended up being an adventure in the worst possible way. I wonder if Kingsbury will kick a field goal again. The decision to kick a field go at the end of the first half rather than go for it looks terrible in retrospect, but I understand why Kingsbury did it. Of course these decisions look better/worse in hindsight.

Nic Shimonek looks like he’s bailing way too quick on the pocket at times, even when there’s not a ton of pressure and that’s a problem. I’m not at all advocating change, I’m not even going to go there. I think Shimonek is the guy this year, like it or not.

After getting four touchdowns, Desmond Nisby and Octavious Morgan hardly play or don’t play a snap. There are some personnel decisions that I don’t understand, but I also don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes so that these guys don’t receive hardly any time at all.

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  • A-J Media’s Don Williams: Tech-West Virginia notebook: T.J. Vasher enjoys breakout game, tensions flare between Tech, WVU (Also noted here is that Octavious Morgan was able, but just did not play; Tyler Carr, the freshman defensive line walk-on has moved to fullback (he’s 6-4/260); Eli Howard and Justus Parker started; Douglas Coleman and Lonzell Gilmore did not play dud to injury, but were suited up.)
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