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Eats & Bounds: Lubbock Concerts, Events, & TTU Sports – 11/02/17

Congratulations, Astros fans!

First off, how about those Word Champion Houston Astros? I can’t even pretend to be a true fan, but congratulations to all of you Astros fans out there. Seeing your team win a Game 7 on the road in dominating fashion has to make today just that much sweeter.


A good friend of mine came to visit this weekend, and we hit up Walk On’s for some cajunesque dining (catfish po’boy, folks). Then, we saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which was just terrible. I remember liking the first one, but now I question my taste. We even talked to the guy at the Frios Pops place (I went with the coffee & donuts pop – amazing) and he felt the same way. It made us both feel like we hadn’t lost it since he was at least 10 years younger than us and way cooler than we ever were. If he thought the first one was good but the second one was awful, we were in good company.

The smoker hasn’t been fired up in quite some time, so we’re due for some pork spare ribs. I’ve had much better luck with baby backs on recent tries than spare ribs. My last attempt ended up pretty dry. Do you have any suggestions, particularly to wrap or not wrap? I went unwrapped last time, and I feel like I shouldn’t have. Maybe I’ll wrap after the first hour or two.


A few of the upcoming Lubbock happenings (see calendar for more):


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