Recruiting on the Plains: Texas Tech Signs Deshawn Corprew and Kyler Edwards

Chris Beard signs two in the early signing period.

Player: Deshawn Corprew
Height/Weight: 6-6/216
School: South Plains College
Ranking: 0.8663

Corprew is an interesting story in that he originally signed with Texas A&M out of high school out of Virginia, one of the top players in his class and possibly the top small forward of his class. Corprew had a close relationship with Chris Beard, for whatever reason, even so far as to commit to Little Rock when he first arrived on the scene. Well, that relationship is what helped Corprew commit to Texas Tech.

Corprew is just a really big kid that just looks the part. Chris Beard mentioned that he’d like to have five guys all be able to switch and with Edwards (see below) and Corprew, he’s heading in that direction.

this video is from June of 2015, over two years ago, but you can see what kind of player he is, and he’s just gotten more physically imposing and bigger.

Yesterday, SPC head coach Steven Green said to A-J Media’s Carlos Silva, Jr. that he has physicality that you normally don’t see:

“His outside shot, you have to respect it, but I don’t think he thinks that’s his go-to. Right now, he’s hard to stay in front of. He can get the ball to the rim on you.”

Corprew agreed that getting to the rim is his forte.

“And right now, I’m trying to be the best defender I can be,” he said, “and trying to be a leader on the court also so my team can follow me. I’m more a pass-first guy, because I’m a team player. Right now, I’m really trying to be a leader on the court, just get everybody involved.”

Player: Kyler Edwards
Height/Weight: 6-4/195
School: Findlay Prep (Nevada)
Ranking: 0.8825

Edwards is the high school signee of the class, a combo guard that previously played in Arlington before moving on to Findlay Prep in Nevada to better his career. Edwards is a top 200 player in the nation and the 50th best shooting guard and the 4th best player in Texas. It would be easier to state who had not offered Edwards, but you can pick your handful of Power Five teams, such as USC, Missouri, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, LSU, Kansas State, Iowa State, Georgia Tech, Georgetown, to name a few (yes, I realize that Georgetown is not a Power Five school, but I’m rolling).

Edwards is #1 in both teams and the second video focuses on him and another player for Arlington Bowie, a true freshman named Cade Cunningham (he’s a 2020 player and already being recruited by Kansas and Kentucky). Edwards obviously has the ability to drive and finish. He’s a good athlete and he has a good snse about the ball, knowing where teammates are and truly acting as a facilitator in certain situations. I think he’s a natural two-guard for sure.

There are five scholarship spots available right now (there are five seniors by my count: Evans, Smith, Gray, Stevenson & Hamilton) and as a result, there should be three more spots available for signing in the spring.


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