Weekly Conversation: Texas

Seth and SARR discuss pies and the possible end to the Kliff era.

Last Week’s Game

Seth: I’m sorta running out of “gosh, we lost and I don’t know what to write” ideas here. The offense looked pretty terrible again and Shimonek is apparently struggling mightily. I didn’t get to see a second of the game other than the shanked (this may be an understatement) field goal.

I struggle every morning with how to fix this shit.

Travis:I think you and I are probably the worst two choices to discuss the game because neither of us had a chance to watch. I saw the first drive and was impressed with Tech’s efficiency even though they only managed a field goal. But from all indications it was all downhill from there and I understand a lot of the blame is again falling on Kingsbury and Shimonek for an anemic offensive performance. I’m with you, I just don’t know where to go from here.

Suburban Gangsters

Travis: But on the bright side you had your first sports Dad weekend with Yo. Was it everything you imagined it would be?

Seth: eah, it was great. I think Yoyo really liked being the center of attention, most kids would. We drove up on Friday night, Kaufman to Granbury and in Friday traffic it was a 2 1/2 hour drive (we also stopped at Whataburger to fuel up). Yoyo’s first game was at 8:00 a.m. and at that time, the wind was blowing, but had not become cooler. He played four games on Saturday, that 8:00 a.m. game, another game at 11:00 a.m., a game at 2:00 p.m. and then a game at 7:00 p.m. He played really well, no goals, but a couple of kicks off the crossbar of the goal. I’ve probably mentioned this 100 times, but he’s playing up a year. He’s a 2011 birthday (October of 2011) and he’s playing with the 2010’s. Physically, he’s right there. Probably faster than most of the kids and he’s just got to figure out field awareness. That’s probably something that takes a bit of time, but by the end of the tournament, he wasn’t crowding his teammates and legitimately trying to get open. He runs everywhere he’s supposed to go and he’ll just go and go and go.

My wife and Fits came for the 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. game. We went and ate ate Babe’s (which was great and shout-out to everyone that suggested that) during the break and they left after the 2:00 p.m. game. By the time the Saturday night game arrived, the weather had turned pretty cool, along with the wind. Their last game was at 7:00 and they quickly got down 0-3 before roaring back to win 4-3. The team went 3-0-1 for the weekend and that ended up netting them first place among their group.

What about you? You were traveling this weekend as well.

Travis: You’ll find that watching him progress and figure it all out is one of the most enjoyable things a parent can experience. It’s so much fun watching them improve.

We had a pretty good weekend. Claire’s team is young and still figuring out how to play together but they are getting better. She had a big game on Saturday against mesquite, but the hilarious part was how the refs freaked out when she started getting a little physical. One of the officials actually stopped the game and warned the others to watch out for #12.

This Week’s Game

Travis: So what do think about the UT game? Kliff’s swan song or his beginning to rise from the ashes like a badass Phoenix?

Seth: Man, I think there are just so many things lining up against him that this seems like an impossible task. I think the fan apathy and the season ticket issues won’t go away if Kingsbury is retained and the record is exactly what he says he is. I really like Kingsbury as a human being and as a coach, but this ship just doesn’t seem to be pointed in the right direction. There’s just so many things that just don’t make any sense, the lack of production on offense is mind-boggling. Yes, Texas Tech has played good defenses, but Kingsbury has seemingly always been able to do the offense thing and it’s just not working. I’m sure that some of this is the quarterback, but he’s always been able to figure out something, even when he had freshman quarterbacks.

What about you. What do you think happens on Saturday, the day after the game?

Travis: Such a big part of me wants Kingsbury to get one more year to see if he can get things turned around. I know how hard he’s worked and how badly he wants to be successful here. But if Hocutt does decide to go in a different direction, it’s not like I’ll be mad. It’d be completely understandable if he does fire Kliff. I just wish it had worked out.

The Best Thing Ever

Seth: I realize that I’m sorta an old man (43 years young!), but I also realize that I’m past my prime in wearing some hip or bright shoes and so I typically go with New Balance as they usually have some pretty good shoes, that aren’t too flashy, but are also do what I need, which includes running and working out. I happened upon Joe’s New Balance Outlet and if New Balance is your shoe, you can get some pretty decent deals.

Travis: And I’m going soft on the best thing this week, but I want to give a shout out to the entire community that you’ve built over the years. Looking around at what others have done (or tried to do) and it’s easy to see how hard it is to build something meaningful- and that’s exactly what we all have at STP. I’ve made some genuine friendships over the years with folks who came together for the sole purpose of getting mad on the internet. It’s a pretty remarkable feat. STP really is the best thing ever.

Seth: Well, that’s a really nice thing to say and I really appreciate it. We do tend to get mad quite a bit, which is awesome that we don’t get so mad that we can’t talk to each other.

Random Top Five

Seth: Top five pies.

1. Chocolate meringue .
2. Pecan.
3. Key lime.
4. Apple.
5. Pumpkin.


1. Apple
2. BlackBerry
3. Key lime
4. Pecan
5. Pumpkin

I wanted to say peach but I guess that’s more of a cobbler. If you bury that sucker in whip cream I’ll probably eat it no matter what.

Game Predictions

Travis: So any chance to pull off a win in Austin? I just don’t see it happening. Texas has a tendency to improve as the year goes on while Tech seems to regress. It looks like where in that same spot once again, like deja vu. Regardless though, it’s been a fun year. These convos are always the highlight of my week. Happy thanksgiving err body!

Seth: Man, Texas Tech usually pulls off one upset a year, at least that’s the thought (I’ve put zero research into that), but it just doesn’t feel like this is the year this an happen. I think Texas wins by 7 or so points. Their defense is really good and I just have a difficult time trusting Texas Tech’s offense to put up points.

I’m glad you still enjoy these, I think the community really enjoys hearing from SARR.


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