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The Morning Stake | 2017.12.01

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Texas Tech Volleyball

Huge congrats to Tony Graystone and the ladies on the team as they swept SMU in the first round of their post-season tournament. They’ll play again tonight.

Lady Raider Basketball

Texas Tech Football

According to NFL guru Gil Brandt, Texas Tech offered a blueshirt to John Stephen Jones, the grandson of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. A blueshirt is when a school puts an unrecruited athlete on scholarship once they arrive on campus. Being unrecruited means that they were never given an official visit and things like that (i.e. the school didn’t spend any money on them). By being a blueshirt, Jones won’t count againt the 2018 recruiting class of 25. John’s isn’t being heavily recruited because he’s somewhat small, 5-11/185, but he’s been crazy productive for Highland Park in Dallas. Jones helped lead the Scots to the 5A Division 1 State Championship last year and this year alone, he’s thrown for 3,365 yards and 47 touchdowns. You can check out his Hudl highlights.

I was contacted with the folks at LandGrant Gauntlet about the possible scenario of Texas Tech not making a bowl game. Essentially, the Big 12 has 7 bowl spots, but 8 bowl eligible teams. I don’t know the pecking order of how these things work, but there’s the chance that this could happen. This would all be moot if Oklahoma makes the playoffs. LandGrant Gauntlet is hoping to put a story out on this to explain this a lot better than me.

Last night, Newy Scruggs from the NBC affiliate in Dallas tweeted this:

That’s right, after running through a handful of candidates and being turned down, it appears that Tennessee may be moving towards actually hiring Mike Leach as their head coach. I had heard some rumors that this was a real possibility after Texas Tech had won their bowl game and now, maybe it comes to fruition. We’ll see.


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