Yes I used the Winter Beers cover image again because it’s too good to let sit and collect dust

For Your Body

For Your Health

  • Released today (12/4/17), Saint Arnold has released their Cut With Bread Pudding, a twist on their Christmas Ale. If you’re not able to grab a bottle, do yourself a favor and just buy a 6-pack of the Christmas & a 6-pack of Elissa IPA so you can mix them together for a bootleg version of Sailing Santa. ‘Tis the season.
  • I believe I’ve brought this up in Read/Look/Devour, but the chile wines from Noisy Water Winery in New Mexico are absolutely fantastic. I suggest the green chile version, but you can’t go wrong with the red or the port either.

For Your Home

  • Candles are great. Not only are they great, they’re the best. They make things smell nice, and even if you’ve lost your sense of smell you get to look at a tiny flame. I discovered these handmade candles from Texana Outfitters last month and I covet them. The Texas BBQ joint is as-advertised, but Tattoos + Whiskey is also great.
  • We made it to the end and you didn’t think I was going to shill for the lovely STP poster suite? You can buy them as just plain prints, get them pre-framed, or have them printed on canvas.

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