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The Morning Stake | 2017.12.05

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Texas Tech Basketball

Remember how Carlos Silva, Jr. was called out by CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish for voting Northwestern higher than Texas Tech after Northwestern was trounced by Texas Tech? Well, Parris is at it again as he calls out Silva for ranking what is really a bad Washington State team ranked 19th (they’re 6-1, but are ranked 173rd by KenPom) who then lost to UC Irvine, who is ranked 209th by KenPom. Silva then moved them up 2 spots to 17th.

Miscellaneous . . . NCAA’s Andy Katz has Texas Tech ranked 30th . . .

Texas Tech Football

SB Nation’s Bill Connelly has Texas Tech vs. USF as the 10th coolest bowl matchup:

Yes, some people actually like defense. Yes, if every game was 59-52, it would probably get boring. But having the occasional 100-point, 1,000-yard track meet can be delightful.

While neither USF nor Texas Tech completely fits its own stereotype β€” USF’s defense didn’t allow more than 31 points to anyone not named UCF, and Texas Tech was a little worse than normal on offense and a little better than normal on defense β€” let’s not pretend we’d be surprised if this game went bonkers. Fingers crossed.

Miscellaneous . . . NewsOK’s Brooke Pryor reports that an protective order was issued against OU running back Rodney Anderson . . .


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