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The Morning Stake | 2018.08.29

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Don’t feed the trolls. If you stumbled on the comments from the post from yesterday there were a handful of trolls that were commenting in the comments section and there was an obscene photo posted. I’m sorry about that and you can help police the situation by flagging the comment and you can also block them on your end. I’ve banned them and I’ll continue to do that as well.

I was asleep early last night so I missed it and again, the best thing that you can do is block them on your end and not respond. I’ll continue to do things on my end.

Texas Tech Soccer

Tom Stone has the ladies back in the top 25 and are 4-0 on the year. Boston College is up next in Massachusetts on Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

Texas Tech Volleyball

Also moving to 4-0 on the year is Tony Graystone as the ladies dropped Abilene Christian 3-0 yesterday.

Texas Tech Basketball

Texas Tech hired a new Chief of Staff, Tim McAllister, who was last at Creighton.

Texas Tech Football

RebelGrove’s Neal McCready reports that Ole Miss running back Eric Swinney is out for the game with mononucleosis and running back Scottie Phillips will get the start.

A-J Media’s Don Williams reports on the safety Jah’Shawn Johnson being a game-time decision on Saturday. Also from A-J Media’s Don Williams also has a notebook from the press conference yesterday discussing freshman receiver KeSean Carter being in the two-deep, receiver Zach Austin returning from injury, no update on who will start at quarterback, how the Ole Miss defensive backs will press the receivers at the line of scrimmage. I’ve got a Quote Board coming up right after this


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