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Eats & Bounds: Lubbock Concerts, Events, & TTU Sports – 8/30/18

Your one-stop shop for Tech fans who like to talk food, beverages and Lubbock happenings.

Aside from my hard-hitting post ranking the new foods at the Jones, I have laid low on STP this year. Football season is back, though, and you’ll be seeing me again weekly at least for a while. Don’t forget to tune in to the 23 Personnel Podcast that Spencer has graciously allowed me to co-host if you’re into Tech sports, queso, kolaches, etc.

Those fortunate fans headed to Houston for Saturday’s kickoff should check out our comprehensive post from 2016. I asked Dan, Brian, and JT for their favorite eating joints to frequent before and after Pat Mahomes’ last game (removes hat in reverence).

This 11am kickoff (yaaaawwwnnn) means that tailgating won’t last long. The TTU Alumni Association will still be set up at 8am Saturday morning outside NRG Stadium where I hope they continue to serve breakfast burritos as Mother Nature intended.


We loaded up the Family Truckster and ventured out east this past weekend where I tried Taco Casa for the first time in Abilene (delicious). We stayed with a good friend in Burleson on Saturday night, and I have to say that Lubbock beer distributors need to get on the ball. There were Oktoberfest beers all over the local H-E-B and Adam had two kinds in his fridge next to a Black-o-Lantern Pumpkin Stout. Meanwhile, spotting an Oktoberfest beer out here is harder than finding a positive Reagor-Dykes news story (TOPICAL).

The following morning, we rolled up to Grapevine to spend a few days at Great Wolf Lodge. Our little one was in hog heaven. She’ll be 2 in a few months, but she’s adventurous as all get-out. We all played hard and napped harder.

It came time for dinner on Monday, and my wife suggested In-N-Out. I enjoyed my double-double just fine: the thousand-island dressing isn’t my thing nor is having a quarter of an onion shoved between two patties. I quizzed her a bit more on her burger preferences and despite this only being her second time to eat there I was shocked to discover that she prefers In-N-Out to any burger. I’m still processing this.

On the way back west to the Promised Land, we stopped in Weatherford for some Baker’s Ribs fried pies. It’s sort of our tradition, one which I’m sure I’ve shared at some point. I went for the pecan cream pie (a classic) and since it was close to lunch time, I rolled the dice on their Tex Mex meat pie. Folks, think of the best Allsup’s bean burrito you’ve ever had. This was better. I realize what I’m saying, but I stand by it.


Checkout this weekend’s sights and sounds:

  • Lubbock Moonlight Musicals will wrap up their production of Singin’ in the Rain this weekend
  • Stars & Strips Drive-in is showing Retro Night Double Features of The Sandlot & The Goonies Friday through Sunday nights
  • Watch the Ole Miss game with friends at 4ORE, The Garden, or Alamo Drafthouse
  • The Blue Light is hosting a street show Saturday with Koe Wetzel, Read Southall & Kody West
  • McPherson’s Patio Night is tonight with food from PJ’s Catering and music by Mark Wallney
  • Our friends at The Plains Brew Co. will be open Saturday from 2-9pm
  • Visit the fine folks at Lubbock in the Loop for more Lubbock info


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