Scholarship Eligibility Chart | The Offensive Line

Kind of interesting in that I did not notice any non-scholarship players. That’s 16 scholarship offensive linemen.

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Scholarship-Eligibility Quotient: 2.75 All Players | 2.75 Scholarship Players

For an explanation of the Scholarship-Eligibility Quotient, see here.

So this group should be in really good shape, but the problem is that we really only know if 5, maybe 6, of these guys can play. We’ve really only seen the starters plus a little bit of Dawson Deaton. In any event, this is a pretty good mix of a bit of everything, some seniors who are the core of the line, some juniors who play, some sophomores with experience, a ton of redshirt freshmen and a couple more true freshmen.

I think that if I were Bailey Smith and the coaching staff gave me an indication that I might not play this year, but would be beneficial to use up that redshirt, I might be inclined to do that. This team will lose a ton after this year as there’s probably a pretty good chance that Anderson declares for the NFL draft after 2019. Physically, I don’t think there’s anything else for him to do and I think this offense will show a bit more that he can be a mauler up front because he’ll be asked to do that, he’ll have lots of opportunities to pull and zone block and just about everything else. Plus, there will be a few more running opportunities with Yost at the helm, 51% run rate compared (480 rushing attempts and 945 total plays) to 45% last year with Kingsbury (437 rushing attempts and 972 total plays).

I don’t know that the staff will feel the need to go get more offensive linemen in the 2019 class, but if the staff is on the fence about someone, this is a group that could wait until 2020 until you are absolutely sure about a prospect.

Position Player 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Offensive Line Madison Akamnonu SR (6-5/320)
Terence Steele SR (6-6/320)
Travis Bruffy SR (6-6/305)
Bailey Smith SR (6-5/305)
Jack Anderson JR (6-5/320)
Giovanni Pancotti JR (6-6/310)
Zach Adams JR (6-6/320)
Dawson Deaton SO (6-6/305)
Casey Verhulst SO (6-6/305)
Demarcus Marshall RS FR (6-3/330)
Clayton Franks RS FR (6-4/275)
Hakeem White RS FR (6-3/285)
Troy Bradshaw RS FR (6-6/275)
Weston Wright RS FR (6-6/300)
Landon Peterson FR (6-6/265)
Trevor Roberson FR (6-11/345)
TOTALS 16 12 9 7 0
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