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The Morning Stake | 2019.08.29

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Candid Coaches. CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander talked to a bunch of coaches off the record and asked who was the coach that was the toughest to prepare for and Chris Beard received 11% of the votes, behind Tom Izzo and Tony Bennett. Here’s what some coaches said about Beard:

* “That defense he had last year left many coaches scratching their heads. What they did to Michigan last year in the Sweet 16 was unbelievable. Usually when you give John Beilein a week to prepare for his next opponent, it’s the other coach that’s left scratching his head at the end of the game, but not this year. Countries have gone to war less prepared than a John Beilein-coached Michigan team in the Sweet 16 and it still made no difference. They had no answer for Texas Tech’s defense and you could see it all over their face.”

* “He makes adjustments game to game that his team is able to execute. He’s had one of the best defenses in the nation the last two years and they make people look totally uncomfortable on offense. It appears that he will adjust his schemes in game if the other team has success scoring.”

*”Chris Beard … the dude eats Xs and Os for breakfast like a bowl of Cheerios. I heard before going into games him and his staff watch the last four minutes of the opponents more recent games. He wants to know the ins and outs of his opponent. Dude gets it and just wins.”

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CartWells. This was good.

Mahomes Has Tickets. I think it is unfair to ask other former footballers to do this, but this sure is a nice thing to do.

Miscellaneous . . . The Ringer’s Danny Heifetz writes about the next contract for Patrick Mahomes, which could be in the neighborhood of $200 million or something completely different . . . BleacherReport picks every game this week, including Texas Tech 54, Montana State 7, but also says this: “The Red Raiders will probably struggle in the Big 12 without Kliff Kingsbury’s offensive genius, but they’ll easily win this one.” . . .


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