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The Morning Stake | 2019.10.19

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Tyler Trent’s Legacy Continues. Via ESPN’s Hallie Grossman, “This is not the end.”

People wanted to touch Tyler because he touched them — with his dogged faith and his devotion to Purdue and his grace in the face of sickness. That sustained Tyler. Kelly remembers the last Purdue game Tyler went to, the bowl game against Auburn in Nashville just a few days before Tyler would succumb to his cancer. He was in so much pain. He’d fade in and out of consciousness from that pain, from the medication meant to dull that pain, but manage to scrape together the energy to fulfill interview requests or talk to fans when they came calling.

Tyler was humbled by all of it, but he was honest too. He welcomed this public embrace but had never wished for it. If it were up to him, he would’ve taken the clean scans and a life free of chemotherapy and a future that never included “two weeks to two months to live” before he reached 20.

“He told me at the end,” Tony says, “he said, ‘Dad, I would give all this up — all of this up — just to be healthy again.'”

Tony understood. He wished for that too. He wishes for that still.

“I want my old life back,” Tony says. “I would love to have my old life back.”

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