Post-Game Thoughts: Baylor 71, Texas Tech 69

That’s 3 in a row and not in a good way.

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Tortilla Tossin’ Player of the Game

Im going with Kevin McCullar again. Me made all 4 of his shots, finished with 13 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, and only 1 turnover. He’s going to be so good next year.

The Motion

  • Dang it.
  • An incredibly tough game and one where you consider that this game probably came down to a couple of stats, offensive rebounds and turnovers. Baylor had 17 offensive rebounds, compared to 10 for Texas Tech. Baylor also only had 11 turnovers compared to 20, yes 20, for Texas Tech.
  • My other non-professional opinion is that this game felt like it was a foul-fest, but Baylor was only called for for 13 fouls and Texas Tech was called for 22, but I didn’t think that Texas Tech fouled any more than Baylor. Baylor is a physical team and that’s a nice way to say that I thought Baylor fouled on darn near every possession. But those are the rules.
  • The big news yesterday was that Russel Tchewa got the start over T.J. Holyfield, with Tchewa playing just 5 minutes and believe it or not, Holyfield only played 19 minutes.
  • I didn’t like the last shot in regulation (not exactly a brave statement on my end), and I get that Ramsey driving wasn’t a bad play, but passing out after a reach in without much time on the clock ended up with a pretty terrible shot by Edwards. Not necessarily blaming Ramsey or Edwards.
  • It has been a rough go at it for Moretti and Ramsey in a certain ways, both going 5 of 12, and both were 0-2 with big shots missed in overtime.
  • In overtime, the missed layup with about 15 seconds remaining, the rebound by Clarke, dribble down the court, and then throw the ball away. What a gut punch. Clarke actually played much better today I thought, he wasn’t stopping the offensive flow of the game, and that’s been something that’s been happening for a month or so.
  • The final shot in overtime was just me dropping something on my foot for no apparent reason. I don’t know why Moretti needed to get up a shot like that and maybe why there wasn’t some big man setting the screen for possibly a decent switch or mismatch.
  • There’s definitely some frustrating things going on here and it stinks that this season is ending on such a skid. I love Beard as my coach and I love these players. There are players who have flaws (who doesn’t), but I still love watching this team compete. They’re absolutely giving it their all. I can’t say that I know exactly how hard it is to win at the Big 12 level because I’m not a coach, but I do know that sometimes winning and losing can be razor thin in terms of outcome and the effort is there, but the results are not. It would be one thing if Beard didn’t have a history of winnign some spectacular games, because he does. Some days chickens, some days feathers.
  • Up next is Kansas at home for senior day. Tip is at 1:00 p.m.



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