The Morning Stake | 2021.02.04

The Lady Raiders won in incredible comeback fashion against Kansas State, 83-75, OT. As David Collier described it, the Lady Raiders were down 71-61 with 3:24 remaining and then scored the next 19 points in the fourth quarter and then scored 12 in overtime to just 4 for Kansas State. Vivian Gray scored 28 points, grabbed 6 boards, and had 10 assists. Freshman Khadja Faye scored 20 points and grabbed 14 boards.

As you may recall, Patrick Mahomes pitched one time for Texas Tech. He recorded no outs and had an infinity ERA (that’s not good). Yahoo Sports’ Frank Schwab went and talked to the lone batter that Mahomes faced, Northern Illinois second baseman Justin Fletcher:

β€œI was like, β€˜Why in the world are they giving him a standing ovation?’ It was the weirdest thing,” Fletcher said from his baseball facility in Central Illinois. β€œI got back in the dugout and asked, β€˜What was going on with them giving him a standing ovation, were they being mean to him?’ My teammates were like, β€˜He’s the starting quarterback on the football team.’ ”

A new site debuted yesterday, Helmet History and if you want to get lost for a while, this would be a good place to go. That’s the link to the Texas Tech page, but there’s a ton out there. Texas Tech has worn 67 different helmets by my quick count.

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