Texas Tech Basketball: McCullar & Edwards Return; Adams Upcoming Presser

Players announce their return.

Almost immediately after Mark Adams was promoted to head coach, Texas Tech forward Kevin McCullar announced that he would be returning to Texas Tech.

Then, later in the evening, Kyler Edwards, who had annonced on April 1st that he would be entering the transfer portal and likely to transfer to another program, announced that he would also be returning to Texas Tech.

As of right now, the two players who have entered the transfer portal are Micah Peavy and Marcos Santos-Silva, although with Adams’ hire there are indications Santos-Silva might return. Terrence Shannon, Jr. is deciding if he will jump to the NBA and would guess that he might be projected as a late first rounder or early second, but I really don’t know. I’ve seen rumblings that Peavy is focused on Michigan, but don’t really know his status. I do know that Peavy’s father, David, congratulated Adams on his hire. At the very least, there isn’t any bad feelings there and I would guess that a different hire might be a situation where there would be no chance of a return.

From what I can tell, there were four candidates interviewed. There could have been others that were contacted to determine a level of interest, but I believe that Adams, Joe Golding, Grant McCasland, and Darvin Ham were all interviewed with the search committee (I’m presuming) choosing Adams essentially before tip-off of last night’s national championship game.

The press conference announcing Adams as the head coach will be today at 6:00 p.m. at the United Supermarkets Arena.

I think a critical part of all of this will be the hiring of assistant coaches and a strength coach. I felt that John Reilly’s ability to transform players was a distinct advantage for Texas Tech. My thought is that Adams isn’t going to be making as much as Beard made and some of that money can be diverted to assistant coaches. I don’t have so much of an issue with Adams ability to connect with players. The return of McCullar and Edwards is an indication that his ability to form relationships doesn’t need any assistance. But every coach needs a guy who will go out there and recruit their tails off. I’m sure that’s high on Adams’ list and given how long he’s been in the game, I have no doubt he’ll be fine at finding a guy that does that and hope he has a significant budget to make that happen.

As of right now, Sean Sutton is the only member of Beard’s coaching staff that is currently on Texas Tech’s site (in addition to Adams of course).


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