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The Morning Stake | 2021.04.19

An occasional dose of all things Texas Tech athletics.

Well, I’m alive?! The Coyote Trail run in Cleburne was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, physical thing I’ve ever done. By the end of the 33.29 miles (this race was supposed to be a 50k, but was actually 53.57k) my legs were faltering and I was falling and tripping on rocks and roots. Finishing was a chore. Regardless, doing hard things is a good thing because doing hard things make you feel alive. Pain, doubt, elation, exhaustion, picking yourself off the literal dirt, soreness, etc. It’s all there. I’m really glad I did this. I am super-thankful that my body lets me do this. I am thankful for my wife who was there for all 8 hours and 14 minutes. I am thankful that I have a life that lets me do this as well.

tldr; do hard things because hard things are good.

I did not pay attention to the spring game. I would have had I not been running, but I at a hamburger and then passed out. I had no energy. Back to the game.

Here is the official site link to the game and here are the stats. From looking at the game, it appears that the offense struggled, only 252 yards overall and 5.4 yards per play. For comparison purposes, Texas Tech’s offense averaged 5.8 yards a play.

Appearances only, Tyler Shough had the best day, going 8 of 15, but couldn’t get the ball in the endzone and did take a sack. Donovan Smith appeared to be inconsistent, but was 5 of 10 for 62 yards, one of which was a 38 yard bomb. The running game managed only 33 yards (10 were lost

With that being said, the offense was without the two best offensive players, SaRoderick Thompson broke his shoulder and Erik Ezukanma broke his hand.

If there wasn’t bad luck, Texas Tech wouldn’t have any luck at all.

Defensively, just looking at players who made splash plays, LB Moore had 2 tackles for a loss. Walk-on Jett Whitfield (I think he’s from New Deal) had a tackle for a loss. Defensive end Tyree Wilson had a sack plus a forced fumble which Devin drew picked up. And it appears that Brandon Bouyer-Randle and Marquis Waters shared a tackle for a loss.

If you like looking at photos, post then this is the site for you.

I’d add one other thing. I’m really excited to go back to a game. Really excited. I know that this probably isn’t popular, but I’ll be happy to get back to Lubbock and go see a game with my boys and my friends. Taking a year off wasn’t fun and regardless as to the performance of the team, I’m excited for the opportunity to go see a game. I meant what I said when I wrote that it’s about the brand.

There was no basketball news this weekend, but if you want to know what Mark Adams will be like at halftimes, he spoke to the football team last week.

And this was really good too.

The team was also at the spring game and were recognized, so I’m happy for that.

The softball team took the weekend series against Kansas at home and the baseball team took the weekend series on the road against West Virginia.


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