Texas Tech Football Notebook: TCTXFB All-Texas Team; CFB Playoffs to Expand to 12 Teams


Dave Campbell’s Texas Football released their All-Texas team and Texas Tech actually shows up pretty well on the 1st and second teams:

1st Team:
QB Tyler Shough
WR Erik Ezukanma
OL Dawson Deaton
LB Colin Schooler
P Austin McNamara

2nd Team:
OL T.J. Storment

The 6 named players ties SMU for second most, behind TAMU who has 10.

Via the Associated Press (but really this was reported all over the place), after years of the College Football Playoff director Bill Hancock telling us that four was the magic number, well, that number is now 12, there is a proposal that 12 teams will be part of the CFB Playoff in 2023.

If the format is adopted — no earlier than this fall — there was no indication in the proposal about when an expanded playoff could be in place. The soonest would seem to be for the 2023 season. Implementation could also be as far off the 2026 season.

A selection committee would still be involved, and the proposed 12-team playoff would not limit how many teams can come from any one conference. The four highest-ranked conference champions would receive first-round byes and teams 5-12 would face each other in four games played on campus sometime during the two-week period following conference championship weekend, typically early December.

Quarterfinals would be hosted by bowl games on New Year’s Day —- unless that falls on a Sunday, in which case those games will be played Jan. 2 — and an adjacent day.

The semifinals would also be hosted by bowl games, as is the case now. The plan calls for no re-seeding of the bracket as teams advance.

Of the 12 spots, 6 will be reserved for conference champions with 1 for a non-Power Five team, i.e. the Group of Five, and the top four conference champions will receive a bye for he first week, which means that Notre Dame will never be a team that will receive a bye for the first game.

I’m good with expanding the playoffs and think this is a long-time coming. I am certain that it’s not perfect, but that’s okay too. The first round will be played on campus and I think that the teams that have byes will be upset they aren’t getting that extra game on their ledger and imagine having a team that advances . . . how does a normal fan pay for something like that? Not sure, it’s certainly not in my budget, but I’ll definitely be watching. The other obvious benefit here is that if a team has a special year, that team can be rewarded with a shot in a tournament-style setting. That’s better than anything currently. I also think that something needs to be done about the 8-game and 9-game conference schedules, that’s a bit of an uneven playing field I think, but I don’t know that this gets fixed right now (or that it is even something that others perceive to be an issue).


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