Texas Tech Spring Football Preview: Defensive Line

Big guys up front.

Texas Tech Spring Football Previews: Defensive Backs | Linebackers

This is sort of what you like to see, a good mix of players with experience with depth and talent at almost every classification.

Starting with Wilson, Hutchings and Bradford, those are your likely starters and then with Blidi, Ibeneme, and Wooten backing up those three, that makes a ton of sense. I do realize that with Blidi and Wooten they are both defensive ends, so they aren’t literally backing up the likely starters, but you sort of get the idea. It’s good to have depth there.

Then we might get to finally see L.B. Moore who has grown a ton since he arrived (he’s added at least 30 pounds) and Larry Moore was an offensive lineman, who has moved to the defensive line in the offseason. That’s really interesting. I don’t know what to expect, but hope he gets a break and some playing time because he obviously has the size. Lots of times tall defensive linemen don’t always work out well. Moore was a very athletic offensive lineman so my fingers are crossed.

Then we get the run of defensive ends that Matt Wells recruited in 2021 with Banks, Esters, and Smith. I have high hopes for Esters and Banks, Smith was a bit of a reach as a player and has an uphill battle to climb in terms of getting some playing time.

And this past recruiting class, Joey McGuire and the entire staff absolutely killed on the recruiting trail with 4 defensive linemen. I don’t remember the time that we had four defensive linemen in one class, 4 freshmen with as big of upside as we see. And Adedire and McAlpine are on campus and I’m very excited about the prospects of that. Playing as a true freshman defensive lineman is very tough to do, but getting a head start is certainly good. I loved both Adedire and McAlpine’s tape.


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