Texas Tech Football: WKU Offensive Lineman Cole Spencer to Transfer to Texas Tech

Add another OL transfer.

Texas Tech has added Western Kentucky offensive lineman Cole Spencer (6-4/300) to the roster with the hopes of bolstering what I think is a thin offensive line. Spencer was a 23-game starter and highly decorated player for the Hilltoppers. I’ve never seen a second of Spencer play, but 24/7 Sports’ Blake Brockermeyer scouted Spencer and opined that he might be a good fit for Texas Tech a few weeks ago:

Western Kentucky in 2021 ran a high-tempo run-and-shoot type offense (and I wonder if Spencer would be following former OC Zach Kittley to Texas Tech). Spencer’s strengths are his athleticism, which he pairs with good technique and great feet. He is more of a grabber than a puncher in protection but will two-hand punch a bit against edge rushers that use their hands. Spencer does a nice job of running the edge around the corner, letting his quarterback step up in the pocket. He plays hard and plays through the end of every play.

Spencer’s weakness is there’s no proof of physicality at the point of contact because of the style of offense he’s been in. He is not a road-grader as a run blocker but does a nice job of getting his body in the right position and getting up to the second level when asked. Spencer struggles some at getting knocked back in the pocket on power rushes as he turns his shoulders a little early. Training this shoulder force is something he can improve on by training one more kick and staying square on the angle.

Dallas Morning News’ Ryan Mainville is taking a look at all of the positions prior to spring practice, so please feel free to take a look at his fine work.

A lot has been made about the recent updated recruiting rankings for Rivals and 24/7 Sports. Currently Texas Tech is 3rd in the Rivals rankings and 2nd for 24/7 Sports. This is likely to remain, unless something completely unforeseen happens, to be the high for Texas Tech. Texas Tech has 13 commitments, which is the most for that top 25. Once these other teams catch up, Texas Tech will likely drop. Regardless, Texas Tech is recruiting at a high level, there are currently 4 4-star commits with 24/7 Sports and that number could grow with the remainder 3-star. Rivals says that Texas Tech has 5 4-star players with the rest 3-star.

For 24/7 Sports, those 4-stars are: 1) DE Isaiah Crawford; 2) S Brenden Jordan; 3) RB Anquan Willis; and 4) CB Calvin Simpson-Hunt.

For Rivals: 1) DE Isaiah Crawford; 2) CB Calvin Simpson-Hunt; 3) OL Daniel Sill; 4) S Brenden Jordan; and 5) ATH Jmaury Davis.

For the past 5 years, these are your 4-stars according to Rivals.

2022: 2 (both recruited by McGuire)
2021: 2
2020: 0
2019: 1
2018: 1


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