Texas Tech Football: Stephen Hamby & Zarnell Fitch Discuss Spring Practice

Big guys.

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Offensive line coach Stephen Hamby

  • Not wanting to single someone out, with how many reps we are able to commit, with fatigue setting in, there ae multiple kids showing toughness, but not together.
  • I think it is easier to start fresh with a new system, rather than trying to reload, everyone has true competition, everyone has to learn the same system, everyone is in competition mode.
  • Cade Briggs, firm believer in 4 snappers, Cole Spencer, Briggs, Clayton Franks, and Dennis Wilburn, a good rotation of that, have guys that can move over and 4 in travel team, if the ball is anywhere other than the chest of the quarterback, and firm believer in having back-ups, you’ll know if it doesn’t work out because I’ll take them out.
  • [Re. Cole Spencer] Right now he’s just learning our plays. Spencer will be back with us in the summer, we have to get him up to speed before he has contact.
  • [Re. Ty Buchanan] I see him pushing the right tackle spot, with Clay McGuire coaching him last year, he has an idea as to the offense, I like the fact that he knows the terminology, this should be very familiar to him, he’s got a good grasp of it.
  • It is an every day, being coached hard you have to be consistent, the best thing about when the kids figure out who I am, I am high intensity when I’m good or bad, I don’t like the “it’s okay” or “it’s going to work out” because it is not life. Stay consistent and stay the course.
  • Clayton Franks is doing good, he’s getting consistent snaps, he’s learning more responsibility now and learning overall strength, been very thrilled with him thus far.
  • Shanahan, has been learning, speed faster. There are 3 or 4 plays he knows to a T, change the pass-pro somewhat, we have to transform a couple of guys to learn our system that’s why when Cole comes back, he already knows the system.
  • Jacoby Jackson the sky is the limit, he is a technician, and he can lock down anyone on the team, once he gets the steps and the technique down, he’s going to be a force. It would take time to step out to tackle, will stick with him at interior.
  • Jackson, always, biggest thing is the steps are pre-placed, it is not how you feel, I have to put you in the best position, the technique will save you.
  • Jack Tucker, will be an up-and-coming guy, he’s still gaining weight, he’s going to be a 3-5 guy, he’s got an an overall awareness of where he is on the football field.
  • Monroe Mills has all of the intangibles, he’s going to be scary, he knows the offense, his body is trying to catch up to speed right now.
  • Ethan Carde, put him on the right side, he’s got to open up his hips, but he has his shot.
  • Caleb Rogers is more of learn it, understand it and master it, all of these kids are young, used to spring ball of figuring out up-and-coming guys, am not even worried about reps right now.

Defensive line coach Zarnell Fitch

  • Really like the direction we are going, good group of older guys like Bradford and Hutchings, one of my surprises is Philip Blidi, approached with a physical mindset, he has 3 straight practices to be the last to walk off the field, it has become important to him. Lots of guys right there on the bring, Duda Banks, Blake Burris from the OL he’s coming and working, look at the unit, they are really making an impact, to be physical, extend with their hands and get off of blocks, we’re getting told to stay off the quarterback, that means we’re getting there.
  • What’s fun, there are a lot of similarities where I was coming from to where I am now, as a young coach, you wanted to get a lot of speed and young bodies, you see the traits, with McGuire, Blanchard, they do an unbelievable job of seeing talent, they did it at Baylor and now doing it in Lubbock, some guys thought he was going to be an offensive lineman. Looking for those traits and guys that fit you and us, and be part of our brand.
  • Larry Moore most coaches look at a frame and they say he’s the protype offensive lineman, we don’t have an approach, I see traits that can transition to the defensive line, Kids really tend to have the behavior and actions of the coach.
  • No doubt about it, love coach DeRuyter, Panther package is 4-2-5, I love different variations, when Marcel Yates was at Boise, he visited TCU, a lot of the same concepts, I love that our Oakley package that me and CJ coach with Tyree Wilson, when you have to locate a person it is going to be hard for offenses to locate him each week.
  • Stand-up guys Wooten, Jessiah Pierre, when they kick inside, I’ll take them., when we go into the Oakley, we pull one of those outside guys into our room.
  • Myles Cole really excited, haven’t been one of those teams that cleared out someone else’s kids, we had a young man leave and didn’t want to offer a bunch of guys in the transfer portal, I got exactly what I want in those traits, I like my chances, always going to bet on me, and my players, I thought he would be a great addition and add more length to the group, these are things I want to add and excited for him to get to the defense, great human being and defense.
  • Tyree hasn’t been going through a lot of the practices, just looking after him and making sure he’s all good.
  • Jaylon and Bradford, the one thing about being in the state of Texas, you are going to build a relationship with those guys, have done evaluations and have talked to them, even though they are older guys this is a new defense and a different staff, they are understanding the hand-placement and attention to detail and letting them know they have to be the standup for the young guys.
  • The Big 12 and offense go fast, Kittley goes real fast, am sure we’re getting enough of reps, they see it on a day-to-day basis, they can turn it on, he’s one of the best in the country.

I am in love with Zarnell Fitch.


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