Texas Tech Football Notebook: McGuire Talks Murray State; Depth Chart


I didn’t get home from work until pretty late, so I only had time to summarize Joey McGuire’s press conference. I’ve embedded both coordinators below, but just didn’t have time to listen. McGuire sounds really excited.

  • Out for the year: Bryce Robinson, Jeron McCauthan [not sure who this is?], Cameron Cantrell, Matt Young.
  • Banged up: Cam Watts (a few weeks), Derrick Lewis (by NC State), and Gabe?, Jordan Brown out with an ankle, and Cole Spencer decision on August 31st. [Also need to include Cam’Ron Valdez, which is a knee strain.]
  • Murray State won’t be intimidated, led by a defensive coach, will talk to our guys who will play harder the longest. Very athletic quarterback, must be responsible for zone-read. Veteran running back in Weatherspoon. Veteran squad.
  • Start with ball-security and takeaway. Want to protect the football and causes turnovers.
  • Excited, November 9th seems like yesterday. Learning each other as a staff. Really excited. Haven’t been a head coach in the last 5 years and that God put me on this Earth to do that. Excited to give that pre-game speech. Going to be incredible.
  • Our guys have worked their tails off and deserve for the fans to be in the stands. I hope everybody shows up. I’ve heard how hard it is to play at Jones AT&T at night.
  • Become more of a challenge because of the transfer portal. Hamby is Monday and personnel day and have grabbed different people’s films. Tough, but coaches are creatures of habit. Expecting them to play with great effort, but they will stay in the same scheme last year. Josh Cochran and Kirk Bryant played them last year, that helps.
  • Ready to go on the offensive line. Planning on playing 7 or 8 offensive linemen, want to see what these guys do. Ty had a great week. Ro made strides.
  • Will win at a high level depends on o-line and d-line.
  • Coy and Bryson, may play more than 4 games. Bryson moves up because of Cam’Ron. Cam’Ron should be back by NC State and for sure by Texas. Coy brings a lot to table, under-recruited, brings a lot in the return game too, a big body and would expect him to possibly play in 4 games and redshirt.
  • Really good chemistry with the quarterbacks, they can all prolong plays with their feet. Helps Kittley. Will have a distinct way to use them.
  • The d-line, J-Boog is the leader and will roll with 5 guys. Create depth at outside linebacker and excited to put that defense on the field.
  • Trey will kickoff and kick the first one, but whoever Kenny likes during warm-up, will use both of them.
  • The biggest change for them, they are not continually calling unlike scrimmages where it never starts and will be able to adjust. Will lean more on the defensive side of the ball, through spring and camp, have spent more time with the offensive side of the ball. Hold the guys accountable and make sure right guys are in. Will bring more energy to the sideline.
  • Donovan will be on certain red zone situations and with Behren could be a change of pace as he moves the pocket well. Throws well on the move. Their packages will keep evolving and have some surprises for people.
  • Was on the sideline until this year. Aranda wanted older guys in the box, didn’t like being up there, but I like to win, so being in the press box for 3 or 4 games, threw my headset.
  • Will announce the #3 three days before kickoff. Will be great to honor Luke and his family and was texting with his dad last night and have a good plan. I would not have bet this is the way it is going to go.
  • Tahj Brooks looked good. Jessiah Peirre and Mason Tharp both looked good. Sets the tone physically. He sets the edges, excited to see him play.
  • He’s a tackling machine and a high IQ, they have to get lined up and be sure of themselves and that’s how Plunk is. Excited about him and Drew Hocutt and Hayden Wiggington, coaches kids can change a culture quick.

Offensive coordinator Zach Kittley:

Defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter:

I was also able to do a depth chart that I like looking at better. The links for the preview and the game notes (PDF). All three images should be clickable.





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