Texas Tech Football Notebook: McGuire Discusses Houston

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I only had time to watch head coach Joey McGuire’s press conference, but the video includes both Tim DeRuyter and Zack Kittley. If I have time later in the week, I might non-transcript those two pressers, but as of this morning it’s not in the cards.

Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • Thanks the fans, thank the student body and the support staff. Thought the music was incredible. Band was incredible. Important to have that support and appreciate everyone, from the concession stand to the atmosphere.
  • Out: Cole Spencer is out for the year, had an injury and the body tries to overcome, going to medical redshirt him and will be back next year. Guys who are out this week: Tyler Shough, Cam’Ron Valdez, Cam Waits and Derrick Lewis will be back at some point. Guys who are back: Robert Wooten, Bryce Ramirez, Joseph Adedire, and Landon Hullaby will be back this week. Questionable: Coy Eakin and Jordan Brown.
  • Credit to Dennis Wilburn, solidified the offensive line and picked up blitzes and great to see Philip Blidi play well.
  • Houston is a Big 12 opponent now and have a lot of respect for Dana, know him well, got to play him in 2018, lot of familiarity with his staff and my staff. Know their quarterback well, versatile, big arm, threat. Defensively they play like their hair is on fire, young DC who has a knack of playing good defense. Will put a lot of pressure on us. Any time you get to play a ranked opponent, can’t wait to tee it up.
  • Expectations are to play both of them, Donovan and Behren, packages change a little bit, will see both quarterbacks this week. Saw Behren with the #1 offense goes down and scores a touchdown. Hate it for Tyler, but he’ll be back and those guys are capable.
  • Pick up their twists, #9 does a good job, has a lot of hand fakes and tries to get you to bite, have to do a good job of being patient and OL play is about communication. They’ll be tested. They are a Big 12 opponent and will be a good test.
  • Expect Donovan to start and Beheren will have a package to play. Not be a rotation, but smart coaches get their playmakers on their field, but the quarterback position is the only one where people think that only one should be playing Will have a package for him to affect the game.
  • Didn’t have an opportunity to kick a field goal so rotated extra points. Proved we have one of the best special teams rooms, only 1 returnable kick and Austin in the punt-game was impressive.
  • Right tackle, Monroe played well, I expect Ty Buchannan to play a series early, but Monroe played well. I still see Jacoby Jackson, he played the 3rd series and played well. Dennis has solidified himself, thought Weston and Caleb Rogers played well.
  • Still a shoulder, goes in Wednesday, will be about how many weeks it will be, will not play Houston, NC State, and Texas. If it goes longer, then we have a bye after the Oklahoma State game and will have time to recover.
  • A little bit of their quarterback getting hurt and got conservative in the second half and the game got away. Coach DeRuyter challenged those guys. If you watch any game, usually guys get beat not because of their athletic ability and where their eyes are. Knowing where they are to do their job and guys did a better job in the 2nd half of guys knowing where their eyes needed to be.
  • Tyree Wilson is so physically dominant, was great to have 4 sacks, shows the effect on the game, most impressive thing about him is how hard he played and chasing the football and putting good stuff on tape.
  • Any time we can create an atmosphere, the speakers got everyone engaged, atmosphere was incredible. Having a full stadium, we feed off of that and each other celebrating a bit play.
  • Defensive football fits like a puzzle. Have to do a better job at play-action.
  • If you get single blocked on the defensive line you should make the tackle. We have 5 guys in the interior that are playing fresh and are about to add 5 more. Brice Ramirez is going to have a good year along with Wooten and Joseph is going to make a big difference. Tuesdays we get on and off blocks, want to hit and get off blocks on Tuesdays.
  • Their slot receiver #1 is really explosive and in the return game. Their quarterback is a vet and he takes care of the ball, he’ll play at a high level. Got to run the ball and stop the run.
  • Talked to Jeff Traylor yesterday, didn’t talk about anything, I’ll reach out to an old high school coach and can talk through some stuff, playing Jeff Traylor doesn’t lie. Will be a lot of fun.
  • No place like the Jones, we had 40+ people at the game. Will close in Raider Walk.
  • UTSA has a very physical football team and they run to the football and how hard they play defense, they play hard for each other, not surprised what he’s done. They have a quarterback who has played a lot of snaps, dual-threat and can extend plays.
  • There’s never been a time when I wasn’t going to play all 3 quarterbacks, just crazy that this is the one position that no one rotates, and you find ways to win football games and we’ll do that with them.
  • Looks like his collar bone, but not where it was last year. the guy threw 2 complete passes to Martinez when he was hurt, I want to make sure I respect everyone in the room, but won’t put our guys in a position where they are targeted when they come back, want to make sure I’m protecting those guys. Am hoping it is less than 6, but probably 3 to 6 become he comes back. He’s going in Wednesday to see Dr. Crawford, possibly surgery.
  • L.B. Moore out with hamstring, he is running this week and am hoping, had a set-back in fall, hope to have him at NC State, we have really good depth.
  • Adrian Frye is our #1 guy, expect him back this week, Myles is our 2nd guy up, Drew Hocutt did a great job and will catch punts, he won’t let the ball hit the turf. Did a good job of getting vertical, our goal is to get 10 and a free first down.
  • Tyler Owens was calling him the velociraptor and he’s got speed and playing dime free safety and will get more stuff in the secondary, thought he did a good job.
  • Bryson Donnell did a good job, with young backs, it is being patient and he’s done a good job of that. He’s going to be a good back. Proud of our running backs, Tahj Brooks asked if the Teeter hold was his fault and it was not.

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If you like photos, then Texas Tech released a ton of photos before, during and after the game.


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