The Morning Stake | 2024.07.08

I had almost forgotten about the Big 12 Media Days coming up this week and Texas Tech will be in Las Vegas, which is where the new location for the Big 12 Media Days this year. This year Jacob Rodriguez, Bryce Ramirez, Tahj Brooks, Behren Morton, and Caleb Rogers are the attendees. The full schedule is here and is set to start on Tuesday with Joey McGuire set for the main stage at noon and will conclude on Wednesday.

Texas Tech released this video about adidas and some of the coaches discuss the impact that adidas will have on their program.

CBS Sports’ David Cobb ranks the Big 12 coaches and has Joey McGuire 10th in the Big 12:

Joey McGuire (44 overall): McGuire is arguably the most underrated coach on the list after guiding Texas Tech to 5-4 conference marks in each of his first two seasons. Prior to his arrival, the Red Raiders endured 12 straight years — cycling through three head coaches — without a winning record against Big 12 foes.  Last year: 10 in Big 12

Inside the Red Raiders’ Jarrett Johnson notes that newest Texas Tech commit Michael Dever was initially unrated by all 3 services, but is now rated as a high 3-star, top 75 in the nation. This is the scouting report from recruiting analyst Gabe Brooks:

“High jump standout who puts that vertical explosion to use in pads as a frequent contested-throw ball-winner. Plays bigger than listed size because of positive frame length and athleticism. Displays impressive body control in the air with the strength to beat high school defenders at the catch point. Runs with a long-striding gait that can build speed. Leaks to space and shows improvisational awareness when needed to give his QB a cleaner window. Flashes speed-changing ability/awareness to amplify the higher-end gears he achieves. Encouraging run-after-catch context as a junior. Busy gait sometimes impacts RAC balance. Legitimate P4-caliber receiver prospect with strong multi-sport data — 6-8 high jump, 21-11 long jump — that combines with frame length and on-field context to likely provide substantial long-term potential.”

Much was made by ESPN about Bronny James debut on Saturday and a lot of people are clowning Bronny for his performance. There’s part of me that thinks that Bronny never asked for any of this other that the fact that he probably shouldn’t have declared for the NBA draft, but the list of players who should not have declared is long. Regardless, former Texas Tech basketballer Adonis Arms had a terrific game for Sacramento’s summer league team matched up against Bronny, scoring 32 points on 12 of 17 from the floor with 11 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals and was clearly the player of the game. Point is that Bronny isn’t the villain for not being good at basketball, but ESPN is for over-promoting him.

Red Raider Sports’ Ben Golan talked to newest commit Michael Dever (who is also now a 3-star on rivals) about his commitment to Texas Tech:

“How the offer went down was… I broke my collarbone maybe like at the end of camp and it was on a go ball. (Joey) McGuire came up to me saying that you were a good player. He didn’t offer me right there but he was just saying that ‘you were a good player and I’m looking at you and I have eyes on you’. Then a few minutes later I figured out I broke my collarbone so that went down. Then when I was about to leave, McGuire came to my families car and he was telling me that ‘hey you got an offer from here, you’re a dude, I liked how you competed today’.

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