Gridiron on the Plains: Darrin Chiaverini Tells Receivers to Embrace Being Uncomfortable

In another really informative interview, Double-T 104.3’s Chris Level interviewed wide receivers and special teams coach Darrin Chiaverini, who is stressing to the receivers that they need to embrace the pressure of being receivers and embrace being uncomfortable as receivers.  Really great stuff.

#TBT (even though it isn’t Thursday) with Darrin Chiaverini back in his playing days.

Level: Let’s talk about, you helped those receivers last year, it’s a position you played and a natural fit for you.

Chiaverini: Yeah, I talked to Morris and Kingsbury and wanted to help if I could, and this has been good, been able to coach the outside guys and have a room with them. Morris has been great about it. Something I’ve looked forward to doing.

Level: What’s the message? There’s youth and inexperience there and untapped potential.

Chiaverini: What I focus on is the mental side of it. Obviously guys like Reginald Davis, Devin Lauderdale Dylan Cantrell they are gifted physically. Now we have to take the mental side of it. They have to take the practice field to the game field and the meeting room to the practice field. That’s what I’ve been focusing on, which is one snap and clear.

Level: Isn’t’ that Reg’s deal? Not consistent and doesn’t do the same things.

Chiaverini: No question, that starts in practice with him. He’s been much improved in practice. It doesn’t just happen on game day, if you go hard, then good things are going to happen. If you want to change the perception of how people view you, then you have to change it on the practice field. He’s been doing that, it’s been fun to watch him grow.

Level: It’s been a great spring for the offense?

Chiaverini: We’ve been clicking, we always tell the guys that games are won or lost with the skill positions. If they make plays, then we win game,s if they don’t then we lose games. I’m a big believer in the o-line and d-line will do their jobs. When it comes down to it, we have the receivers and they are the playmakers of the football team. I try to put pressure on them so that they embrace that pressure. That’s what they signed up for as Division I receiver, you have to want the pressure on you. They have to embrace being uncomfortable and want the pressure on you. I’ve been trying to get them to think differently about it and not shy away from it, and if they do that, then we’ll make more plays than last year.

Level: Who is behind Devin (Lauderdale) and the other side.

Chiaverini: Ja’Deion High has had a good spring, those four guys have been the most consistent. He gets open and catches the ball with his hands, those four have been the most consistent. Jakari Dillard is making strides has been inconsistent, but he’s working hard. Doug Wilson is working hard and a walk-on. Looking forward to working with those freshmen receivers and I think we’ll have a pretty good room.

Level: There is a reason why they signed six guys, you need depth there.

Chiaverini: They are going to push the guys here. You need to embrace competition, that’s part of it, if you shy away from it, then you’re in the wrong place. Who ever can make the most plays is going to play. There has to be competition in all areas. It would be one thing if we won 11 games last year, but we didn’t. So there has to be competition on all areas and the best ones will play on Saturday.

Level: What about the guys at kicker and punt returner? Open competition?

Chiaverini: Yeah, they are all open, Clayton (Hatfield) is an unproven guy. Taylor Symmank has looked good at the kicker spot, he’s all-conference at punter last year. Cameron Batson didn’t have great numbers and that’s the hardest job is to get the ball to the offense, which he did. I’m excited about going forward with who we have, I thought we were sound, but could be more explosive.

Level: Talk about the kick returners

Chiaverini: I’m excited about Jakeem Grant, J-Stock, it’s going to be a fun group and we should be much improved there.

Ed. Note by Seth C:  That is some fantastic advice there from Big Money Hollywood, not shying away from the pressure and embracing that feeling of knowing you have to make that play.  Just a fantastic thought for the day and for the receivers. I also love the phrase, “One snap and clear.”   Also, really appreciate the thoughts on Reginald Davis and hope he improves.


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