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The Morning Stake: Football Is Nigh Upon Us

Football Is Nigh Upon Us

You Made It. This should be the last weekend where there’s no football news, so you officially made the end of the offseason. At least it feels that way. For me, I’m feeling the pressure of knowing that the season is near and the need to make sure that everything is as ready as it can be. It’s the last weekend off for me for Staking The Plains as I’m guessing that we’ll have news every day once practice starts and every weekend until the end of the year.

Yes, that’s right, football is nigh upon us.


No Expansion For You. Via SAEN, Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott said during the Pact 12 Media Days that he does not see the Pac 12 expanding any time soon.

“I do not see us expanding in the foreseeable future,” Scott said Thursday during the Pac-12 media days. “We are delighted with 12 schools. It’s worked exceedingly well for us.”

Playing those cards close to his vest.


Smith Signed by Cowboys; Fortenberry Injured. We’ll start with the good news first, via the FWST, former Texas Tech footballer Will Smith was signed by the Dallas Cowboys. While Reshod Fortenberry was injured had had to be carted off the field.

All-Time Guard and Tackles LAJ’s Don Williams is choosing the top three at every position and ranked both tackles spots, at the first tackle spot he has Charles Odiorne, Jerry Walker and then Le’Raven Clark. At the second tackle spot, he has Dan Irons, Rylan Reed and Ben Kaufman. Williams posted the first guard spot today (would guess he’ll post the second guard spot tomorrow) and has Brandon Carter, Louis Vasquez and Mike Sears.

Miscellaneous. Via the DMN, Texas sent out official scholarships and misspelled a word, “prestigous” . . . . . . the always reliable, Michael LaBarre from Wreck’Em 24/7 with his weekly recruiting updates . . .


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