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The Morning Stake: April 22nd

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Relatively Meaningless Depth Chart Released. I always get the feeling that the coaching staff doesn’t put a ton of effort into putting out a depth chart. At the beginning of a season, the coaches put out a depth chart and they don’t revise it for the entire year, whether there are injuries or not. There was a tweet (not sure where it originated because I was busy during the day) that had a JPG with the spring roster. There are some surprising things, but it’s quite different than what we’ve been led to think for the spring (for instance, the coaches didn’t mention Theirry Nguema all spring, but he’s starting at one of the cornerback spots over D.J. Polite-Bray, who was mentioned multiple times), so I don’t know if I’m inclined to believe what I’ve heard all spring or this depth chart. In any event, feel free to take a look.

Miscellaneous. Probably haven’t thought about Sawyer Vest in a while, but he was a walk-on for Texas Tech a few years ago, but via GoSanAngelo and practiced some roping for a few days and turned in the best time in speedy tie-down roping in Paducah . . . DMN’s Mike DuPont breaks down Texas Tech’s 2016 schedule . . . if you like to read conference realignment stuff, Frank The Tank has some thoughts on the Big Ten’s new television deal with FOX . . .


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