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Texas Tech Football Notebook: McGuire Discusses Kansas State

It’s a long notebook.

I’ll get to some links and things tomorrow as well as a basketball notebook that I’m finishing up. And I didn’t get a chance to add some context, like first names and other things. I was at soccer practice last night so I just didn’t have a ton of time last night when I got home and early this morning.

Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • Injury Update — Out: Adrian Frye (possibly OK State); Derrick Lewis;¬†Game Time Decision: Dimitri Moore (hamstring); Back for the Game: Henry Teeter and Cam’Ron Valdez.
  • Excited to go to K-State, favorite place to play on the road, true college atmosphere, Chris Klieman is a stud. National Championships and has done a great job taking over for Coach Snyder. Quarterback is dynamic and strong arm and can fly. One of the best backs in the country. Last year one of the best defenses in the nation and 91 is an elite pass rusher, nose guard has played a lot of football and made a huge difference against Oklahoma.
  • Am excited, am sure Kirby is excited too.
  • The day we played Mississippi State in basketball, we had a bunch of 23’s here and when we have a great fan base, they show that this is real. Only gives you more backing as to what it can be and easier to believe in. Really big to have that kind of environment.
  • We met yesterday, first thing we talked about what’s next and told all of them, one of the hardest things for people, all of these quotes are about failure, not success and how you come back from failure. We really talked about what we want to be remembered as, not just beating Texas. Asked the coaches and players to focus on daily schedule, all of the little things to keep us on the right track.
  • It is 2 good football teams playing, they will be excited and am sure it will be sold out. Chris will have those guys ready to play and will fight to play in that game. Will have them ready to go and focus on the moment, have to be the best team at 11:00 a.m.
  • Tyler threw yesterday and will throw a little bit today, talked to him this morning and, it’s a good sign, but are a few weeks away, coming out of that bye week, we’ll know more.
  • It is nerve-wracking and fun, going up one of the best in the country, their o-line is one of the best on film, have a really good scheme in the run game and Deuce is one of the best and would bet he is one of the strongest players on the team.
  • Coy Eakin is running today, it is a groin, he is hopefully back next week, but it is hard to break the lineup right now. Really proud of J.J. Sparkman, have to block him over, didn’t play enough reps, and he played opposite this past week.
  • Just riding the hot guy, Loic had a great pass breakup by their safety, just trying to keep them fresh, but also the guys who are hot are getting the most reps in the game.
  • SaRodorick and Tahj are leaders and captains, both different way of leading, SaRodorick is more vocal. They were physical and SaRodorick was dynamic on the counter and in overtime and Tahj had big physical first downs and fun to have guys like that. They’ll keep getting better.
  • Weston has played a lot of reps and he and Caleb played a lot together. Allow Jacoby to play right guard and spell Landon, we don’t have this philosophy, are going to just keep building and getting better. We believe we keep pressing these guys. They are getting closer and closer to Hamby’s tough guy mentality and think we will keep getting tougher.
  • Identifying where these guys are and who to help, their nose guard has my respect, though thing is if you give somebody too much attention someone else will beat you. Do think we’ll see tight end and running backs chipping in. Kittley had a great game plan and Donovan executed it, identified where to go with the ball.
  • Their wide receiver, #4 is a dude, especially in the return game. He’s a big long receiver and they have some good football players and they do a good job of getting them in good situations.
  • I have the last say on 4th down, we know going into every single drive where we are at, and we know the magic number and it changes after every first down and once you get past the 50 it gets more aggressive. As soon as Kittley knows where the ball is, he knows the magic number.
  • I’ve always tried to learn from the best guys, it is happening in all sports I thought the commentators did a great job on Saturday of understanding the decision making, you have a philosophy and stick with it. It is really good as we go through this the commentators understand this. Can ask those questions on Friday when you meet.
  • Will be tough, we’ve faced some guys that can extend plays, but not anyone like this. He’s totally different. Maybe Tune is dual-threat but will beat you with his arm. They are going to have designed quarterback runs. Guys taking angles that they think are good angles and must play disciplined football. Have to be really disciplined and have a quarterback zone and quarterback sweep. I thought our guys did a good job of tackling. This is a different animal and have our eyes on Dues and Martinez is flying down with the football.
  • I think we are using our hands better, felt it our gutsy going through practice, Myles Cole is getting better with his hands and are getting so much better with our hands and the fit, the more you play and watch the film, the biggest thing. Tony Bradford snatched off on that 4th down and got a stop, they are getting so much better. We had a staff meeting about grip strength, no position it doesn’t help. Fits and violent with our hands.
  • Probably a little bit different with 11:00 a.. kick, but won’t matter with the number of fans and they’ll show up and think it is very comparable and talked about simulating crowd noise for offense and shows our players that we will be in a hostile environment.
  • They gave us good looks, Zach did great play calling at the right time. The guys are fired up to get Baylor Cupp back, Mason did a great job catching the ball. Baylor has been building and getting better and better. Getting Henry back, York did a great job and played fullback and did a great job of kicking his guy out. We’re going to keep building that group and can split them out and they are so big and can catch the ball. Can be in 12 personnel but 10 look.
  • Myles Price waking up around him that morning I would have been shocked if he didn’t have a good game. He brings extra energy to our team, he and Rabbit never shut up and get excited and I don’t want to change them one bit. People feed off of him and his confidence.
  • I just thing the big thing with Klieman is the culture he’s built, videos of him in the locker room and team with buy-in, had a video where one guy got an award, he picked the next guy who got the next award. Has done a great job of building culture.
  • I don’t have lot of thoughts, there was only 1 incident where something was thrown onto the field. The world we live in we have to be smart and protect each other, there is class we’ll play with and coaching for 29 years and head coach for 15, and my players play with class, the way it is supposed to be played and act. Hope we continue to do that and be the class of college football and get them to understand football.
  • Coverage did a good job mins the first one, Coach Perry and I met this morning, guys moving around to different spots and getting them to the point of attack. Have to do a good job of getting the ball into the endzone and shouldn’t have to defend a kick if you are kicking with the wind. Both of our coverage units are getting better. Everyone has a gap and have to win one-on-one’s and make sure the kickers and punters are taking care of their job and about not having it be perfect.
  • [Play in the 3rd quarter and Jaylon goes through and Card throws the ball away] Intentional grounding. 100% intentional grounding. I try to speak their language, always trying to send stuff in and learn and the way they are speaking so I’m talking the same way.
  • Best grip strength Tyree Wilson, J-Bug, Tony, Krishon. J.J. Sparkman. Most quarterbacks do. Any time you get better with your hands, you almost always get better in football.
  • We do our pull-ups, did towel pull-ups so that they can feel grabbing cloth, so stuff like that and concentrate on any auxiliary lift, go to farmer walks for encouragement, that will help with grip strength, we’re going to start doing that too.
  • I came into camp and as hard as he worked in the summer, talked to coach Perry that he is physical and runs and is on a lot of our special teams and loves football. Practices well. Teeter would have been in that position. Jayden is 235 pounds, really have all four of them and eel good about where they are at. Mason is growing as a physical guy

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