Texas Tech Football Notebook: Joey McGuire Discusses Oklahoma State

Focus on the Cowboys.

Once again, just had time to non-transcript Joey McGuire. He spoke at length about Donovan Smith, giving him credit for what he’s done. I know that he’s an easy target at this point, McGuire said that he felt terrible about the Kansas State game, which like any of us, when we mess up at what we do, I tend to beat myself up pretty good about my performance. I also get why some of you are wondering why Behren Morton isn’t getting game-reps and I would think (and Zach Kittley confirmed) that he’s still maybe lack of experience in getting the offense in the right call (paraphrasing here). I also remember back when Texas Tech was having issues at quarterback during the Kliff Kingsbury era and the general thought was that it is absolutely common to have your starter receive nearly all of the reps and it’s difficult to get two quarterbacks ready, splitting the reps, maybe you’re not getting either quarterback ready. I dunno, I’m not an offensive coordinator, just throwing stuff out there.

Also noting that Ty Buchanan has moved to left tackle and the question was asked about Caleb Rogers giving up numerous sacks, so that’s being noticed.

Head Coach Joey McGuire

  • Injury Report — Out: Cam’Ron Valdez (was back, but pulled hamstring);¬†Game-Time: Myles Price (rolled ankle on spring, out 2nd half); Back: Adrian Frye.
  • Playing #7 team in the country on the road, really loud and good college atmosphere. Gundy is the same age and the old guy in the conference, what he is able to do year-in and year-out. Has done amazing job. Be a tough challenge, facing another dual-thread quarterback. Have to do a better job of containing the quarterback. Coach Mason is new DC, great guy, played his team when he was at Vandy, have experience with him, great guy. One of the best defenses in the country. Gone to more of a 4-man front like he did at Vandy. Excited for the challenge.
  • Have to do a better job of being better on the road and starting. Have to do a better job of playing football, that’s a challenge for us. Have been 2 different teams in Lubbock and on the road.
  • My expectations are to be undefeated. Haven’t played well on the road, something I have to correct. Units that are playing well, start with Jaylon Hutchings, been so proud of him. Tyree has played well, the guys up front have been better and deeper than people thought. From game 1 to now, playing better at corner position. The other group is young receiver group. If something happens to someone, the next guy up, Nehemiah and Xavier. Trey Cleveland had some on.
  • Just the expectations of playing good football. This is a big game because we’re in it. Has shown our guys we’ve had an opportunity to win every week. The Big 12 there is no off week, it doesn’t get any easier. Playing good football, Kansas, TCU, Iowa State, they could be 2-0 in conference.
  • We can do some stuff in practice, sudden change, it has been strange, I don’t feel like the crowd affected us. I don’t think our guys are overwhelmed, just not executing. if you look, 1st to 2nd quarter, 2 different football teams. Make sure that call stuff we have the most reps in and do what we do early. I don’t know if that’s what we will do.
  • We talk about constantly, have been proud of Donovan, leading Big 12 in passing. Given us a chance to be in a lot of games. He makes courageous throws. He’s getting a lot of criticism by a lot of people, let’s look at who should have some of that criticism with Donovan, will start with me and Kittley will say it starts with him. First interception he gets hit in the arm, goes with play-call, offensive line. Proud of him, his response. We’ll see how the week goes. Behren will come out and have a great week. I talked to Donovan on Saturday night, he’s down, he has high character, there’s no position that gets more praise or criticism than starting quarterback, you chose to play quarterback, think he will play on Sundays and find ways to get better and we have to find ways to get better as a program. Have to do the same thing with Behren.
  • We have bumped Ty Buchanan to left tackle, he’s never played left tackle, but he is athletic. We thought he’d push Monroe for playing time, we’re moving him over to see how he looks. Some of it, 91 is going to play in the NFL, they’ve got 5 or 6 guys who can rush the passer. WVU has multiple guys. Baylor has 4 or 5 guys. I know the Big 12 is as good as any conference.
  • I just try to concentrate on trying to make it simple. So many coaches knee-jerk and come up with phrases each week, just try to keep who we are and keep building that program. Try to find a way to win games and be better in the offensive line, protect Donovan, run the football, and they are practicing extremely hard. Difference a week makes, it is the nature of what we do.
  • Xavier, can understand why he plays different positions. He is a slot receiver, when you have a guy that gets more comfortable and understands that position, I was really proud of how he came in, he had a good kickoff return. He’s a Swiss-Army knife, he and Nehemiah are like that. Practice very hard. Trey Cleveland same way. Two great catches and hasn’t been rewarded. If you saw our practice numbers, you’d see why they are playing so well.
  • It starts with Kittley at 4.00 a.m. on Monday morning, Sunday still concentrating on the past opponent. Staff meeting at 9:00, talk general game plan, Hamby, Kenny, and Kittley, start talking about run game. No one wants to be at 2nd and 12, our success on our drives such a huge different if 2nd and 8. After the 2nd drive, SaRodorick got in a groove, and Kittley said that he should have started with a few more runs.
  • I think some of it is getting down and throw the ball more, more spread on the field. Sometimes it happens a run and not the same tenacity as the week before. I thought Mason was consistent this week. they are going to be challenged this week and how much they want to be part of the game, how hard are they going to strain during the game and to get open.
  • Typical OSU offense, big RPO, zone-read. Have a zone-read with tight end coming around and lead-blocker. Get the ball out on the perimeter. Very balanced offense. More tempo that we faced than any other game. They are different, but us and fitting quarterback power, they have it in their run game and need to correct that.
  • Jerand Bradley, just who is hot and who played well. Continually talk about splitting reps and rotation. Until Don said something about it, I had no idea how many catches Xavier had. Whether it is Brady Boyd, really have 2-deep in receiver and tight end position Just the nature of who is hot.
  • Henry Teeter, just the growth of Mason more than anything. See who has the better week out of all of them. Didn’t play as much 12 personnel as the week before.
  • Tyler Shogh threw today and yesterday, hoping for Wet Virginia, he’ll throw all week this week, he’ll meet with the doctor. Depends on how he feels throwing the ball. He looked good yesterday. Once he feels good with throwing motion, then we have to figure out who gives us the best at that point.
  • Tyquan Thorton (at Baylor), is different speed, don’t know if we have anyone that is a 4.2, but as far as the two guys, Trey is more physical. Tracking the ball. Good comparison and they’ve worked on things to be a better receiver.
  • Right now, it is an ankle, no fracture with Myles. If he does miss a game it will likely just be 1. One of the toughest guys on this team and toughest guy I’ve coached.
  • Anxious to see if the seating is expanded by 6-feet, this atmosphere, get loud on visitor sidelines, closed and loud stadium. Great fans and atmosphere.

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