Texas Tech Football Notebook: Joey McGuire Discusses West Virginia

McGuire, DeRuyter & Kittley.

Nearly an hour of video, so a lot of things I missed as I tried to type as fast as my fingers should allow. We get head coach Joey McGuire, and both coordinators.

Head Coach Joey McGuire

Good football in the Big 12 this weekend.

Myles Price, J.J. Sparkman, Tyler Shough, and Cam’Ron Valdez. Tyler threw, was in shoulder pads, looked goods, throwing with Drew, we’ll see if he’s released, if so then we’ll see all 3, if not then 2.

Got to know Neal Brown well, great guy and good football coach. He recruited Cedar Hill. Won a huge game on Thursday, their 2 big receivers did well and were dangerous. their running backs are good, and the quarterback threw well. The thing that stood out the most, causing 4 turnovers, had 9 points off of turnovers, which was huge, a scoop and score, blocked an extra points. Have one of the best defensive linemen in the country in Stills. Playing a veteran, also like 95, Jefferson, played well against Baylor. Glad to be back at home and homecoming crowd. Had great energy yesterday. Practice tomorrow and get ready for a tough opponent.

Yesterday I thought Donovan was as healthy as he’s been. Felt great and great energy. Great to see Behren out there. He wanted to go through all of the 7-on-7, he was full speed. Threw the ball well, got out of the pocket and was able to move. They are in a good frame of mind. The bye week was good, but Donovan was the best to have no contact for 5 days, his arm was live.

Behren took the majority with the 1’s, Donovan got some. Seen both of them play a lot, we’ll go with who gives us the best chance against West Virginia, will definitely see both.

Kittley we rotate and don’t have that one guy, but at the end of the year, putting the guys together, when you put what Bradley has done, Loic Fouonji was back in his normal practice jersey and he feels great and can get his arms up and adds another weapon. Depth allows us to play fast and fresh. Saw the tempo we want to play at as in OSU, helps our offensive line.

The thing with Stills is that he can play every position on the defensive line, he plays with a lot of power and hated playing both brothers. He is a guy that loves the game and is very powerful. We have to know where he’s at and do a good job of protecting the quarterback. He’s definitely a guy that sets the tone for the defense and can energize that team.

Coach Harrell, there are similarities to what we do, he’s probably a lot more 11 personnel than what Leach is, more running game in offense, did a good job of running counter against the best run defense in the country. Graham has an identity of his own. They score a lot of points against everybody.

Punting I felt a lot better against OSU, Mac has his head better. Myself and Coach P were trying to be too perfect. Just simplifying and turning him loose. Missed 4 field goals that are makable. We kicked those field goals around, calling timeouts, switching kickers, just trying to create chaos. Our plan on Wednesday is to go into the stadium so we can create more chaos for the kickers. They’ve responded. What does the game look like if we make those kicks and they know that we have to make them. Everyone gets called out for mistakes, including me.

Huge to get rest, just as much a mental break when you’re banged up, can be a strain on you mentally. Why Donny and Behren looked good.

Brown did a great job, he’s a smart guy and has a good personality. He was a guy that I always loved coming into he’s been a big voice in the Big 12 and he does really a good job for recruiting and representing our conference.

There are rules for substitutions, if coaches have a late sub, they won’t get a play off, that’s the way it is. It is definitely the TCU and OSU game, frustrating the end of the game, when you hate sub, under 17 or 15 seconds, getting the play off won’t happen. Don’t want to change the play clock, but won’t happen, have a lot of conferences that deal with it. If Tennessee win’s, teams are going to try to slow-sub and I don’t want to change it so that there’s no advantage to offense or defense.

If you ask me what’s been the biggest surprise is us not creating turnovers. Had the opportunity to have 2to 4 interceptions, but didn’t catch the ball. That’s something we really stressed and it is non-stop, what is scary when you’re at West Virginia it gets you going and it happens in bunches. Still protected the ball more against OSU, is about playing through the whistle. Have to catch the ball if they throw it to you.

JT Daniels, good arm, had a big scramble against Baylor and Kansas. Has a good idea of what he needs to do with the ball and has 2 receivers that can get the ball, 3 and 0 are big receivers. Have to know where those guys are and put pressure on him.

have a guy that has played at such a high level, he is a coaches kid and one of the greatest high school coaches in the nation. Sam Harrell was doing it before anyone else. His 8th grade year he won competition with varsity, doesn’t get too high or low. Big pickup to get him as OC.

Shough will go through the week and see how he throws, will not get any with 1’s, some with 2’s and scout team because we can put more pressure on him. Will tell us if he can play on Saturday. If he’s able to, then if he is available. The doctors feel good on Tuesday or Wednesday, then he’ll be available on Saturday.

Behren got the majority of reps because of the last game, he threw the ball well going with the 2’s.

With Austin, kicking related stuff, was doing a lot of directional kicking and within a few yards where he wanted to get and he was trying to be too perfect. Told him to just grip it and rip it, he has such a strong leg we don’t want to take his leg away as a weapon. I think you saw a better mind-set against

I think I said it last week, we made choices last week and that should not be a fielded punt. We want to put our heels on the 8 or 10 yard line and if it goes over your head then don’t field it. Have to make good choices and good decisions.

Defensive Coordinator Tim DeRuyter

Changes a little bit, don’t have to worry about it as much, have to have a plan for it, he does a good job of moving in the pocket. Keeps his eyes downfield to make the throw, but can move with his legs.

I think any time you deal with a mobile quarterback, they’ve done a nice job of protecting JT. We’ve ot to mix our pressures, and they have threats outside that can win more than their share of 50/50 balls. Get pressure from our 4-man front.

Went back to fundamentals, blocking, getting off of blocks and adjusting to formations. Communicate within different packages. Just going back to our core stuff. Having 6 games and seeing cutups of what we did well and didn’t do well.

His freshman year, he had just got there was highly touted and before he got hurt and can make all of the throws. Much better understanding of what he can do, looks confident in the pocket and playing with a lot of poise and confidence. they are balanced.

Zero for them is a big guy, both outside receivers are big long receivers. I like our match-ups with our two corners. That’s a concern. Do a nice job with their screen game and between the two of those, that’s the concern, if you rush the passer they get the ball out with screens and draws.

Something we work daily, talk about the 4 P’s and one of them is preparation and understanding our defense, it is purpose, when you pressure the quarterback and going after the ball. Had interceptions where we have to complete those. Just have to make it more consistent.

Tyler Owens is a long that runs well and think lack of experience is what separates them from him, playing wit confidence and his length and speed can make sup those things. His play on special teams has earned that right, as he’s more confident he’s made more plays.

Adrian Frye practiced last week, as he continues to get better, and hope to have him cleared this week. Hopefully with him practicing more, he’ll be there.

Davante Adams is a special guy and is has a lot of God-given talent and to see him get the accolades, he is an outstanding person and player. When we had him and Derek Carr, he was tough to defend, but they out-worked everyone. Fun to watch them compete together. Last week was a special week for Davante for his family.

Tyrique Mathews and Jake Rodriguez, more confidence the more they play, the more they play the fresher Krishon and Kosi are, if you can play with 4 guys that helps you. Same thing up front, Myles Cole and Vidal Scott, Joseph Adedire has come on up front has been real nice has a bright future. Tyree has to get out of there and he’s spelled him.

Offensive Coordinator Zach Kittley

The good thing it has been a weekly occurrence, we are making strides against Oklahoma State, thought guys stepped up, just stay the course and play calling helps in certain scenarios.

Very multiple, most multiple defense this year. Will be in every front and same in the back-end. Don’t have a lot of tendencies. Important for the offensive line to get it right.

Huge thing, no block no rock. Saw it a little more against Oklahoma State, work it every week.

Myles Price is done some walk through stuff, hopefully get him back this weekend, important for his play and his mentality.

I think it depends on the game plan, Tyler is more seasoned, maybe doesn’t need as many reps as Behren Morton, don’t know if I have a percentage, but make sure they are comfortable with the game plan.

Shough has to protect himself and get him in the pocket with fast speed rush in the pocket. He’s been out there throwing 7-on-7, he looks good and positive and hopeful, have to make sure he feels comfortable, need to take a shot, at least 1 or 2.

Last week, we split the reps, wasn’t geared for West Virginia, just go back ot the base stuff. Yesterday was our first day for West Virginia. The week prior, Donovan went with the 1’s and we had a great conversation about Oklahoma State, starting with Behren with the 1’s and see where that goes.

Stills is big and strong and has a good motor. He’s seen a lot. Has been there forever and one of the top guys in the country. Make a hard guy to block.

I haven’t thought about that one bit, that will come down to who gives us the best chance to win. That’s a big task I have to figure out who is #1 and we’ve seen all three and will be a road I have to cross, hopefully sooner than later.

Xavier White has done a really good job, made some good catches. He’s a jack of all trades, can do so much, really stepped into that receiver role.

Coy Eakin is looking good, just a true freshman and hasn’t played, hopefully you’ll see him on Saturday, he got back full speed last week. Has done a lot of things right, has done a good job hopefully we can keep him healthy.

Behren did some good stuff and stuff that you would not see from a redshirt freshman, Morton is a gunslinger and can throw the football. Try to put the ball in his hands, he gets the ball out quick and throwing the long ball, but some stuff defensively he missed, but that is part of the maturity level and sitting in there last Sunday, I think it was glaring and he sees it. The more he plays, the better.

Morton a little bit with Pat is a different guy, but as far as true arm talent, Behren is right there, has weird arm slots and hip mobility and trying to fix some of that. Has some of that gamer mentality, I like to see it produce through the week. The more opportunities he sees and reps he sees something different, he’ll make some leaps moving forward.

The depth and versatility, when you look at the 1-2 punch, they will equal out to be the #1 guy int he country. Trying to keep guys fresh, have played a lot of snaps. Have great depth at that position.

Graham Harrell and I know each other well and the camp circuits and doing quarterback drills together, were out at Flower Mound. He’s one of the best at the university, his resume speaks for itself at North Texas and USC, haven’t talked ball, but respect what he is as a coach and as a player.

Was excited for Bailey Zappe and he’s earned everything he’s got he is different and proud of him.

He was there before I got there, was recruited by the prior quarterbacks coach, and was a Victoria native, had no offers, maybe HBU missed on their 1st and 2nd guy, was only D-1 offer, started 9 of 11 as a freshman and took over right after his freshman year.


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