Texas Tech Football Spring Preview: Receivers and Tight Ends

Guys who catch.

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When’s the last time that you saw a position group without one senior. Not one super senior or regular senior? Erik Ezukanma left for the NFL and I think he was definitely ready and there wasn’t a ton for him to prove at Texas Tech.

So we’re left with a decent group and I think that the safe adjective would be “potential”. A lot of these guys have done some things, but never been the “guy” in terms of producing week-in and week-out. I think that Price is the most productive of the returning receivers and my guess is that he’s going to have a huge year in Zach Kittley’s offense. The other interesting idea for me is that three of the top four inside receivers that graduated or left the program, Kaylon Geiger, Dalton Rigdon, and McLane Mannix.

This also sort of begs the question as to how the Kittley offense will change or adjust with tight ends (which we’ll get to in a second). The biggest question for me is who is the second best inside receiver on the roster right now?

As far as outside receivers, for me I love Fouonji, Cleveland, Sparkman, and Bradley. They can all play in my book. We have always known about Cameron Cantrell and it’s now or never for him, while Minnesota transfer Brady Boyd gets a shot at the rotation. My guess is that Kittley and the staff will go heavily in the receiver market as far as the recruiting class is concerned. Thus far, they have Tyrone West and Kaleb Smith and would expect more.

Tight Ends

There’s a ton to love at this position. Travis Koontz proved to be much better last year, but Mason Tharp is going to be absolutely terrific and I’m not going to sleep on Jed Castles either. I’d also add that Teeter and Lloyd are likely to be some pretty serious blocking backs or H-backs depending on how Kittley wants to use them. I’d absolutely love to see Tharp and Castles in the red zone because there are few defensive backs that are capable of stopping a tight end who is 6’9″ and another who is 6’7″. Add in guys like Bradley and Sparkman and you have a basketball team of players that Mark Adams would love.


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